Delivering Championship Service every step of the way.


A property is only as good as its people. And at Green Golf, we fully expect everyone we employ to be just as passionate about the business as we are. If you’re not excited about coming to work at a golf course every day, you’re probably not right for the job.
(And in our books, a little weird!)

The way we see it, your facility deserves the benefit of the most motivated and highly trained staff in your market. Their attitude, expertise and professionalism can often be the key to differentiating you from the competition.

Furthermore, we are always taking stock of performance in order to take the necessary steps toward constant improvement. We train, train and train again. Lest we forget, every positive interaction a guest has with the staff goes a long way to building customer loyalty.

Our competencies also extend to the nitty gritty of human resources like managing insurance plans, implementing safety programs, payroll administration, tax reporting and related compliance requirements. It’s all part and parcel of running a smooth and profitable operation.